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As Congress examines the suspicious timing of stock options granted to some executives, the government says it is aggressively investigating a practice.

Orrick is actively involved in the representation of several companies and individuals facing options backdating issues.Introduction Stock option backdating has erupted into a major corporate scandal, involving potentially hundreds of publicly-held companies, and may even ensnare Apple.Charged with Backdating Millions of Stock Options and Creating a Secret Stock Options Slush Fund.Backdating Stock Options. 2006) reported that all six of the option packages granted to Affiliated.The recent media coverage surrounding stock option practices primarily has been focused on options backdating, and to a lesser extent on options springloading.

Sept. 1, 2006. Lie To Testify About Backdating Before U.S. Senate Committee. Erik Lie,. including a link to his research on stock options backdating.

... the 2006 backdating scandal experienced stock price declines of 2.7%

Options backdating is the practice of altering the date a stock option was granted, to a usually earlier (but sometimes later) date at which the underlying stock.The issue of backdating options and stock options is discussed, and the Broadcom Corp. scandal is exemplified.More than one hundred companies have been implicated in the recent federal inquiry into stock options backdating. 1 In July and August 2006, criminal.

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The legal fallout from the stock-option backdating scandal that.

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Tax Alert: IRS Targeting Backdating Issue. 2006. Form IDR Targeting Backdated Stock Options. including the backdating of stock options.

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Testimony Concerning Options Backdating. 2006. Chairman Shelby.

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The practice involves using hindsight to assign a stock-option contract an earlier date than its actual.Backdating is the practice of marking a document with a date that precedes the actual date.Stock Options Backdating How the Latest Corporate Scandal Could Affect You The practice of backdating stock options has recently come to the forefront of the news, as.

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This paper summarizes the recent stock options backdating scandal from the perspective of the Securities and Exchange Commission.Accounting and the Backdating of Employee Stock Options The recent stock option backdating scandal raises a number of.

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Two more CEOs hit by the scandal over stock options stepped down Wednesday, highlighting the risk to companies - and investors - stung by the backdating.Speech by SEC Staff: Options Backdating: The Enforcement Perspective by Linda Chatman Thomsen Director, Division of Enforcement U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Backdating of options occurs when a date earlier than the formal grant date is selected as the grant date.